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Homework Policy

Homework at OPJS
The homework policy at OPJS is as follows:

Role of FGB

The Curriculum Committee is delegated with the responsibility of overseeing the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of this policy

Role of the Headteacher

The Headteacher will:

  • Promote the status and importance of this policy
  • Ensure that homework is built into teacher’s planning
  • Provide supportive guidance for parents
  • Keep up to date with new developments with regard to homework
  • Monitor and evaluate this policy
  • Provide a homework club at lunchtime

Role of the Teachers

Teachers will:

  • Integrate homework into their planning
  • Set interesting tasks and activities
  • Set homework appropriate to each child
  • Support children with SEN to help them achieve the tasks set
  • Explain when, what, and how the work is to be done so that each child clearly understands
  • Provide feedback in line with the marking and feedback policy

Role of Parents/Carers

Parents/Carers are asked to:

  • Sign the Home-School Agreement indicating their support for homework
  • Praise the value of homework to their children
  • Provide a suitable space in their home where their children can concentrate on their homework
  • Establish a homework routine such as no television
  • Provide materials pens, pencils etc.
  • Go through the homework before their child starts and discuss the completed work when finished
  • Make the experience pleasurable
  • Find time to work with their child or be at hand if a problem arises
  • Discuss, encourage and praise their child’s efforts
  • Contact the school if they are not sure of some aspects of the homework or if their child is experiencing difficulties in doing it
  • Contribute to school evaluation so that the school can monitor its effectiveness

Role of the Children

Children are asked to:

  • Complete their homework and hand it in on time
  • Listen carefully in class to make sure they understand what is asked of them
  • Complete their homework using appropriate writing materials
  • Use their best handwriting and presentation skills
  • Have a go at all their homework activities
  • Contribute to pupil interviews and pupil questionnaires on homework for the school to monitor and evaluate
  • Highlight to the School Council any ideas they may have about homework


General Homework Guidelines


General homework activities for each year group are below but please note that these may change over the year as well as to each year group:


Day Homework Set

Day due in


Daily (at least three times a week)

Reading Records to be brought in to school each day


Weekly test


An activity on alternate weeks with maths




Multiplication Tables

Weekly focus and test


An activity on alternate weeks with English



Take Home Task

Term 1 – Class name project
Term 2 – Christmas Competitions

Term 3 – Your locality

Term 4 – Easter Competitions

Term 5 – Our World

Term 6 – Memories of the year


When homework is in a written form it needs to be of the child’s highest standard.