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OPJS Vision, Values and British Values

OPJS Vision


At Oldfield Park Junior School we work together as a supportive community to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment where children are valued as individuals, engaged in their learning and inspired to achieve excellence. 


We aim for all our children to:
  • achieve excellence from a high quality, engaging curriculum;
  • develop enquiring minds, be curious and creative thinkers;
  • acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the changing world;
  • respect and value themselves, other people and their environment;
  • take responsibility for their own actions and have the confidence to make informed choices;
  • value and celebrate the opportunities life has to offer;
  • believe in themselves and recognise their own potential;
  • celebrate being together and recognise themselves as equal citizens of the wider world;
  • be confident learners who work independently and collaboratively and take ownership of their learning; and
  • enjoy their experiences and be proud to belong to the OPJS community.

OPJS and British Values


We are proud to say that at OPJS to have a strong sense of identity and values.  We have 11 values which we focus upon through everyday life and these dovetail with the key British Values.  Indeed, through activities such as 'Learning to Lead', School Council elections, our engaging and broad curriculum, numerous trips and events, initiatives and assemblies, we ensure that we exhibit these values in everyday life.  Below are the OPJS and British Values that are not only proudly on display, but form an integral part of our life at our school.


OPJS Values Calendar

Here are the values that we focus upon monthly throughout the academic year:


September - Respect

October - Responsibility

November- Freindship

December - Cooperation

January - Happiness

February - Confidence

March - Tolerance

April - Perseverance

May - Compassion

June - Honesty

July - Courage


Coupled to the above we also focus upon the five core British Values throughout the year.  These are


Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect



Below are snapshots of displays around our school which is another way that we positively promote values at OPJS.


OPJS and British Values

OPJS and British Values 1
OPJS and British Values 2

OPJS British Values Policy

The OPJS Stadium Election!