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School Clubs and Team OPJS Successes

At OPJS we are very proud of the clubs we offer our children as well as the success that we have when we compete as 'Team OPJS' in a variety of sports and activities. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and involving as many pupils as possible in competitive and festival style sport. Please find below this term's timetable of the extra-curricular clubs that are on offer at OPJS. At the last count there were over 40!

OPJS Sports Calendar 2018/19

- Keep an eye out for updates on this year's sports calendar, it's sure to be a busy one! -


September 2017




October 2017


03/10/18 - B&NES Primary Cross Country 2018 @ Odd Down

05/10/18 - B&NES School Games Inclusive Boccia and New Age Kurling Festival

24/10/18 - B&NES Girls Football Cup 2018/19

15/10/18 - B&NES Primary High 5 Netball Cup #1 2018/19

23/10/18 - B&NES Primary High 5 Netball Cup #2 2018/19

24/10/18 - Bath & District Primary Football Cup




November 2017




December 2017




January 2018




February 2018




March 2018




April 2018




May 2018




June 2018




July 2018



Dance Umbrella 2018

Dance Umbrella 2018 1
Dance Umbrella 2018 2

Dance Umbrella 2018

Still image for this video
Here's the amazing Charleston from this year's Dance Umbrella!

Roll of Honour


Team OPJS continue to have great success in a variety of sports and activities and find below our Roll of Honour!


Chess (for a full update from Alex look below!)
2015 London Olympia Chess Grand Prix - Runners-up

2015 Cheltenham Musketeers Junior Chess Congress - Winners

2016 EPSCA UK Primary Event at Bristol Grammar School - Bronze Award

2016 PSCA UK Primary Event - Silver Award
2016 Delacy's Tournament - Individual and Team honours

2016 Musketeers Tournament - Overall School Winners and 1st place in the U9

2016 London Olympia Chess Grand Prix - 1 gold and 3 silvers

2015 BaNES 7-a-side Girls' Tournament Runners-up
2015 BaNES 7-a-side Tournament Plate Semi-Finalists

2016 BaNES Cup Semi Finalists

2016 Y4 BaNES Tournament Runners-up

2016 BaNES 7-a-side Tournament Plate and Cup Semi-Finalists

2017 BaNES Y5 Futsal Tournament Winners

2017 Bath City FC Mixed Tournament Winners

2017 Somerset FA U10 Futsal Champions

2017 BPSFA Cup Winners

2017 Girls' BPSFA Cup Winners

2017-2018 Bath and Keynsham Schools' Girls Tournament Winners

2018 Somerset FA Girls Football Tournament 3rd Place 

2018 Girls' BaNES BPSFA Cup Winners

2016 U9 Fidelius League 3rd Place
2016 U10 Fidelius League 3rd Place

2016 U11 Fidelius League 5th Place

2016 U9 Fidelius Cup Winners
2016 U11 West of England Games Quicksticks 12th Place

2016 BaNES 6-a-side Semi-finalists

2017 U9 Fidelius League 3rd Place

2017 BaNES Quicksticks Champions, Runners Up & 5th Place

2017 U11 Fidelius Boys League Runners Up & U11 Girls 3rd Place

2017 U10 Fidelius League Winners & 4th Place

2017 U10 Fidelius Cup Runners Up

2017 U10 Fidelius Plate Winners & 3rd Place

2017 U8 Fidelius Cup Runners up

2017 BaNES 6-a-side Runners-Up

2018 U10 Fidelius League Champions

2018 U11 Fidelius Cup Runners Up

2018 BaNES Quicksticks Champions and 3rd Place

2018 West of England Quicksticks Runners Up


2016 BaNES Cup Winners

2016 Bath Schools' Tournament 3rd place and qualified for BaNES County Finals
2016 U11 West of England Games 10th Place

2017 BaNES Cup Runners Up

2017 Bath Schools' High Five Cup Winners

2018 BaNES High Five Tournament Winners

2018 West of England 4th Place

2018 BaNES High Five Cup Winners


Other Successes
2015 BCA Swimming Gala Champions

2016 BCA Endball Champions

2016 BCA Tag Tail Champions

2016 BaNES Basketball Tournament 3rd Place

2016 BaNES Y3/4 Tennis Tournament Winners

2016 West of England Y3/4 Tennis 6th Place

2016 BaNES Y6 Boys Cross Country 3rd Place

2016 National Biathlon 4th Place - Charlotte Lang

2017 BaNES Table Tennis Y4 Champion - Camron Hudson

2017 Somerset School Judo Association Bronze Medallist - Amy Michard

2017-2018 BaNES Badminton Champions and Runners-Up

2017-2018 BaNES Dodgeball Champions

2017-2018 BaNES Basketball Champions

2017-2018 BaNES Y6 Kwik Cricket Champions

2017-2018 BaNES Lacrosse Champions

2018 National Lacrosse Bowl 3rd Place

2018 Somerset Kwik Cricket Champions

OPJS Chess Update 2015-2016