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French Residential PGL April 2015

Day 4! I was told this morning that it really could not be Thursday! Was it possible to stay three weeks? Obviously we are not working them hard enough! Another busy day started with a visit to a dairy farm which had so many baby animals to cuddle! We discovered a range of rare breeds of every animal imaginable and then learnt about the running of a dairy farm - we even made our own butter! A picnic lunch followed and then a visit to the most amazing, huge, castle which will really impress all of Year 4! Our trip home was via the hypermarket - an experience with 46 children! Twenty minutes to get ready for dinner and the disco, but the highlight of the evening was undoubtedly eating sessions! Well done all those children who gave them a go! À demain...
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Day 3 - the birthday day! An even earlier start today with breakfast at 7:15 then into the classroom for un tout petit leçon! Then off to Flers for the market where EVERYONE spoke French! Some tasteful gifts and souvenirs were also purchased... Back to the chateau to prepare imaginative and nutritious lunches showing amazing teamwork. Then huge excitement as Liberty, Evie and Taya all had birthday cakes and had numerous renditions of Happy Birthday sung to them in French as well as English (all video-ed) and a few cadeaux. Then off to the boulangerie where we made croissants and were suitably enchanted by a gentle giant baker, having heard how hard they work and such long hours, I don't think OPJS will be producing many bakers... Then we tasted some morceaux delicieux before going on a town trail exploring the very pretty town of Ambière where the adults coveted many of the houses! A lovely supper preceded our outing to the café where we ordered crepes and drinks- so much French has been spoken today by all the children and Mrs Edson now thinks she is fluent! Enjoy the photos!

An early start to a glorious French sunny day! We were all tired and slept well in fact Miss Butler has apparently never slept so well! An early petit dejeuner was fun but we had to prepare our lunch first! Parents you will be pleased to hear that by the end of the week all the children will be amazing picnic lunch makers so they will be making their own school packed lunches! 

A trip to a very interesting (!) organic farm took up the morning - we learnt all about chilckens that lived on the beach and cows have no bottom teeth, Alice in particular is now a cow expert! We met all sorts of chickens, rabbits, cows and cherry trees and felt newly laid eggs.  We practised so much French farm vocabulary.  

Our  delicious lunch was followed by an active afternoon - team building problem solving  suitably challenged us all but needless to say the children were up to said challenge and , Miss Cole, some maths was included!!!! But our great adventure was to harness ourselves tightly and securely before shimmying up a telegraph pole and launching ourselves into space in the hope that we might locate a trapeze pole and swing gently amongst the treetops - well done Liberty for being a huge success, a career in the circus awaits... Well done all children, courage and team spirit was shown by all!

the evening was rounded off by a very French supper and a campfire with songs and marshmallows a-plenty.

Bon nuit!

Oh dear, what happened there? Technical glitches aside we are all having a marvellous time! 

Day 1

nous sommes arrives! All is well!


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