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OPJS Attendance Policy

Find below the key policies and documents relating to attendance and punctuality at OPJS.  A key aspect of the policy is punctuality and ensuring that our school day is maximised to enable our children to realise their potential.  The following points, taken from the policy, highlights this:


- Registration takes place at the beginning of each morning and afternoon session.

- Gates open at OPJS at 8.30am

- Children are called into class at 8.45am whereby they will complete morning activities. 
- Gates close at 8.55am

- Registration takes place at 8.55am

- It is expected that all OPJS children will arrive by 8.45am at the very latest so as to maximise their school day and learning opportunities.

- Children arriving up to 10 minutes after registration (OPJS 9.10am) are marked as late (L).
- Children arriving after this time will not receive an attendance mark for the morning session and be classed as unauthorised.


Persistent lateness will be followed up in a similar way to the ‘3 Step Action Plan’ as outlined in the policy.

As ever, if you have any questions or queries regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.  The Attendance Policy is under constant review by the School's Leadership Team and Governing Body.