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Year 6 - Bolivia and Peru Classes

Welcome to  Year 6!


We, Mrs Jenner and Mr Dack, are delighted to be leading the year 6 team and are excited to be part of the children's learning experiences this year. We are always around to support both you as parents and the children, and if you need anything then don't hesitate to pop in and speak to one of us.


Please find on this page your child's spellings and topic webs for the year group as well as photo updates of their learning in school.


The Year 6 Residential - Little Canada

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Term 6: Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies - Behind the Magic

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Filmed on the opening night, OPJS would like to present an abridged version of our 2019 Year 6 production.

Term 6: A Preview of the Year 6 Prouction - Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

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Well, we're nearly at the end of the year. Only a few more hurdles to leap. Next Monday and Wednesday (1st and 3rd of July) will see the year group performing in "Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies". It is essential that all the children attend (EVERY child has a speaking part apart from the dancers) and the two events will help fund the end of year "Beach Party". As always, thank you for your endless support and assistance.

Term 5 - A massive art project, SATs and a visit to Victoria Park.

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Term 4 - City of Heroes

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Tasked with becoming the next generation of YouTube "Influencers", Year 6 set about researching six cities situated all around the world. We looked at examples of travel vlogs found on YouTube and set about scripting our own insights into these fantastic tourist destinations. Using their computer skills, the children researched the geography, climate and currency of their given city drawing on all of their subject knowledge before finally scripting their vlog ready for broadcast. A vote saw three groups going on to film their work - they even selected (most) of the accompanying music!

The first video uploaded features members of Warhol class visiting Berlin:

Riley Class - Cape Town

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Members of Riley Class contribute a stunning vlog about the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Kahlo Class - Cape Town

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A fact packed vlog about one of South Africa's most popular cities.

Term 3 - The Vikings

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Another term comes to a dramatic finale. As well as learning about the Vikings, their customs and their close historical relationship with Great Britain, the children have been assisting Hollywood executives in putting together a story outline and a script for a soon to be released adventure movie. Our last day saw us putting together a trailer for said movie ready for the executives to view. It was great fun and the children (worryingly in some cases) seemed to really get into the spirit of it. It was chaos ... very safe, carefully orchestrated chaos! I wonder what on Earth we'll be doing next term?!?!

Light - a visit from the University of Bath

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As part of our topic on Space, the University of Bath came to visit us last week. In Science we have been investigating "Light", and the University provided us with the tools and expertise to take our knowledge one step further ...

Term 2 - Space

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So, after six weeks of training the selection of our six astronauts destined for Mars has had to be delayed until the beginning of next term. Enjoy the video below, it covers some of our experiences over the term and gives you a flavour of our exploits (it's not all about tests).

Term 1 - Warner Bros Studio, October 2018

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