Year 3 - Browne and Jeffers

Welcome to Year 3!

Mrs Van Roy and Miss Miller are delighted to welcome you to Year 3 where learning is challenging, fun and exciting. We are always around to support both you as parents and the children, and if you need anything then don't hesitate to pop in and speak to one of us. 

We will help your child on their learning journey this year and will give them lots of opportunities to shine! Our promise is to make super memories for them as well as guide them in becoming life-long learners.

On this page you will find your child's homework, spellings and topic webs for the year group as well as photo updates of their learning in school.

Term 1 - Under the Sea




Term 2 - Picasso



Home Learning - Week beginning 23.11.20

Well, here we are again! Don't worry, we'll get through this together! Please do make sure you give us a ring or email us if you are unsure of anything. We hope you will find everything we have put on the website simple to navigate, however, if in doubt, give us a shout!

This is our timetable for this week; please use this as guidance.



Please use the following powerpoint to guide you through each day. Open it up as a full powerpoint and click your way through (there are lots of clicks so the children can go through at a steady pace to ensure they fully understand). Please find the main task worksheets below the powerpoint. As well as this powerpoint, please do ensure your child practises their Table Mountain stage ready for their test in 2 weeks! If you have transferred your child's Doodlemaths account over then also use this as revision.







Please use the following powerpoint to guide you through the week. As above, open as a full powerpoint and click your way through. There is also a worksheet for Tuesday's lesson which you can find below the powerpoint. Please note, at the end of the powerpoint is a page which can be printed off for the children to practise writing their upper and lower case alphabet.







Whole Class Reading (VIPERS)

Please follow the powerpoint through 4 sessions, each day asking various questions related to the text. The children can answer the questions using the sentence stems to help them.



Foundation Subjects


We celebrate and think about our well-being on a Friday in Year 3 (Feel Good Friday) and below you will find some activities that you can complete with your child to help them (and you!) to 'feel good'! 




Christmas Performance

PLease find the lyrics for both songs that Year 3 need to learn words to - 'Merry Christmas Everyone' and 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'




Please click on the link below to download chess for free! Obviously, if you have a chess board at home, use that instead.


This term in PE we have been developing our skills in Orienteering. Please use the links below to guide you to some games you can set up around the house or in the garden for your child to get them moving! - download the PDFs for ideas! - online games


Please click on the link below to access Dance Mat Typing. The children have started using this in class and need to complete level 1 before moving on to the next level.

Topic - Design & Technology

Our topic work for the next few weeks will be based on our D&T project "2d shape to 3d product". We will be designing, making and evaluating a Christmas decoration to hang on the tree. We ask the children to complete the first 2 lessons of the booklet, and we will start making the decoration when back together in school.




This term in Science we are learning about Rocks, Soils and Fossils. Follow this PowerPoint to learn about the fossil formation process and create your own Fossil ZigZag booklet which you can find towards the end of the slides. Print page 12 to do this.



Follow Mr Breese's wonderful introduction to short and long notes!


Art - Picasso's Blue Period

We're going to have a go at copying Picasso again! This time we will be focusing on his Blue Period. Don't forget to send us a photo of your finished piece of art.


Thank you to all of our wonderful and supportive Year 3 Parents and Carers. We're all in this together!

Useful links

Doodle Maths

Purple Mash


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