Year 3 - Browne and Jeffers


Welcome to Year 3!

Mrs Van Roy and Miss Miller are delighted to welcome you to Year 3 where learning is challenging, fun and exciting. We are always around to support both you as parents and the children, and if you need anything then don't hesitate to pop in and speak to one of us. 

We will help your child on their learning journey this year and will give them lots of opportunities to shine! Our promise is to make super memories for them as well as guide them in becoming life-long learners.

On this page you will find your child's homework, spellings and topic webs for the year group as well as photo updates of their learning in school.

Term 1 - Under the Sea



Term 2 - Picasso



The Gallery - Pablo (Dec 2020)

Please find below a video of our Pop-up Art Gallery which celebrates the children's fantastic work from this term. We hope you enjoy!

Term 3 - Around the World in 30 Days!

Term 4 - 3...2...1...BLAKE OFF!


Term 5 - Ra! Ra! Cleopatra!


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