School Lunches at OPJS

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At OPJS we are very fortunate to have a school kitchen and, as a result, we have a range of school meals. These lunches are provided by Chartwells and include a meat, vegetarian and 'Grab and Go' option. Below is an example of a Chartwells School Lunch Menu:


School meals cost £2.60 and can be purchased using the Eduspot School Money website ( Please click the link for a guide: /1559/school-money-parent-guide).

We expect that all school lunch monies are paid in advance as we cannot accept any arrears accumulating. Therefore, please ensure that your account is in credit at all times.

School lunch accounts are checked on a weekly basis. If it becomes apparent that there are arrears the School Office will be in touch. Please note that if any debt increases we have the right to refuse to provide a school lunch and you will be contacted to either update your account or provide a packed lunch. 

Finally, below is a number of documents from Chartwells with regards to dietary requirements and for parents/carers who are new to OPJS.



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