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Curriculum Drivers

At Oldfield Park Junior School we strongly believe in providing a broad, balanced and highly engaging curriculum so as to inspire and motivate the children in our care, and also to draw on the talents and expertise of our staff. The policy below goes some way to illustrating our approach.

OPJS Curriculum Policy 2021 - 2022.pdf

Palladian Curriculum Statement 2022 - 2023.pdf

Subjects are taught so that learning and understanding build upon one another coherently. Children are encouraged to reflect on, and retrieve prior learning in order to enhance and develop their individual understanding of new concepts, knowledge and ideas.

Below you can access a more detailed overview of our curriculum's subject areas and how they all connect together from Key Stage 1 to the end of their time with us in Year 6:

Art Curriculum KS1 to Year 6.pdf

Computing Curriculum KS1 to Year 6.pdf

Design Technology Curriculum KS1 to Year 6.pdf

Geography Curriculum KS1 to Year 6.pdf

History Curriculum KS1 to Year 6.pdf

Music Curriculum KS1 to Year 6.pdf

Physical Education Curriculum KS1 to Year 6.pdf

Primary Languages Curriculum KS1 to Year 6.pdf

PSHE Curriculum KS1 to Year 6.pdf

Religious Education Curriculum KS1 to Year 6.pdf

Science Curriculum KS1 to Year 6.pdf

Our curriculum adheres to the 2014 National Curriculum through the use of Key Concepts that help connect the children's learning experiences not just across topics, but also across terms and even years. These concepts are made explicit to the children and displayed throughout the school, so that they fully understand that their learning journey is continuous and connected.

Below you will find an example of the Key Concepts we use for Art:

Art Key Concepts

Here's how we plan our curriculum across both Oldfield Park Schools:

Curriculum OPOur curriculum will also provide:

  • A weekly lesson of French  as well as opportunities for the children to be exposed to other languages through our "Language of the Term" sessions, language based visits to local secondary schools, and our involvement in the "European Day of Languages".  

  • Two sessions of Physical Education.

  • A discrete weekly PSHE and RE lessons.

  • Swimming for Y5 and Y6.

  •  Year 3 and Year 4 will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

  • A weekly well-being session ("Feelgood Friday") that focusses upon maintaining mental health and well-being for all.

  • Each term OPJS also holds an "Enrichment Day" whereby, as part of the broad and balanced curriculum, a range of different activities ranging from Animation through to Yoga take place. The aim of this day is to expand our children's horizons even further! 



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