Our Staff

Member of Staff


Mr David Goucher

Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Miss Julie Butler

Deputy Headteacher, DSL, SLT and Special Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

Mr Glenn Dack

Y6 Bolivia Class Teacher, SLT and English Lead

Mrs Penny Jenner

Y6 Peru Class Teacher, Mathematics Co-Lead and Modern Foreign Languages Lead

Mrs Mel Green

Y5 Tonga Class Teacher and History Lead

Mrs Rachael Van Roy

Y5 Fiji Class Teacher, DSL, Pupil Premium Lead and Creative Arts Lead 

Mrs Sammy Samways

Y4 Singapore Class Teacher and Design Technology Lead

Miss Rebeckah Fox

Y4 Singapore Class Teacher and Geography Lead

Mr Joe Newman

Y4 Japan Class Teacher, Maths Co-Lead and PE Lead

Mrs Jennie Tapscott 

Y3 Ghana Class Teacher and Performing Arts Lead

Miss Heather Miller

Y3 Botswana Class Teacher and Computing Lead


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