Year 5 - Minotaur and Dragon

Welcome to Year 5

Mr Bird and Mr Breese are delighted to be part of your child's learning experience this year as Minotaur Class and Dragon Class. We will be supported by Mr Rilley, Ms Quill, Mrs Lister, Mrs Randle, Miss Mansell and Mrs Bendle. We are always around to support both you and the children. If you need anything or you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate - pop in and speak to one of us!

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Weekly timetable:

Below, you will find an example of our 'normal' weekly timetable. We will endevour to keep to this, though as you know, school life can be variable and surprising, and we will let the children know of any changes in advance!

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Term 1: Rainforest Rescue

This term we will be learning all about the rainforest - from the creatures that live there and where these delicate habitats are found around the world, to the ecological impacts of deforestation and the efforts being made to save the rich ecosystems. We will be reading the exciting novel 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell, following Fred as he crashes and tries to survive in the Amazon rainforest! 


In order to better support our spellers, we will be completing a weekly spelling quiz on Friday mornings to help secure basic understanding.

As usual, children may require some extra assistance when learning the words as they will delivered in a contextually correct sentence – for example: “The children kept their shoes in a small box beneath the stairs”.

Their weekly results will be used as evidence to support their writing assessments at the end of the school year.

 Term 2: Beyond The Wardrobe Doors



Topic leaflet


Term 3: Letters from the Lighthouse




 Term 4: Strange New Worlds





 Term 5:





 Term 6:

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