Year 5 - Seuss and Milne

Welcome to Year 5

Miss Butler, Mrs Samways and Mr Dack are delighted to be part of your child's learning experience this year. We are always around to support both you as parents and the children. If you need anything or you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate - pop in and speak to one of us.

Transitioning From Year 5 to Year 6!

Holiday Homework:

The children have generally made exceptional progress since their return after the last "Lockdown". It is imperative that we keep them ticking over during the long summer holiday so as not to lose too much momentum before their return this coming September. The children have been asked to complete the following over the break:

1) Reading three times a week with an adult.

2) A weekly spelling test.

3) A weekly "Flashback Ten" maths sheet.

"Little and Often" is the key. The children have been told not to attempt all of it in one go, but to space it out as indicated over the holiday. As always, thanks for your support - it will really help the children as they enter this important academic year.


Spellings - Week 1 to Week 6


Week 1 - Maths "Flashback Ten"

Week 2 - Maths "Flashback Ten"

Week 3 - Maths "Flashback Ten"

Week 4 - Maths "Flashback Ten"

Week 5 - Maths "Flashback Ten"

Week 6 - Maths "Flashback Ten"

Little Canada 2019

Just a short video outlining some of the Year 6's adventures in Little Canada a few years ago.




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