Year 6 - Blackman and Zephaniah

Welcome to Year 6!

We, Mrs Jenner and Mr Newman, are delighted to be leading the Year 6 team and are excited to be part of the children's learning experiences this year. We are always around to support both you as parents and the children, and if you need anything then don't hesitate to pop in and speak to one of us.

Please find on this page your child's spellings and topic webs for the year as well as photo updates of their learning in school.

Home Learning

Statutory Word List - Year 3 and 4Statutory Word List - Year 5 and 6

Challenging reads for Year 6

Term 2 2020-21- The Land Of Ice and Fire


Term 1 2020-21- Fight for your Right!

T1 - 'Fight for your Right!' -  Topic Web

Term 6 2019-20 - What The Zeus - The Movie!

The end of another year. In usual circumstances there would be a performance of some description, but alas it was not to be. What follows is the closest we could get to a performance - "What the Zeus!" A massive thank you to the children for all their hard work, the staff and you, the parents for your unwavering support through this challenging year. Thank you!


Parent's Guide to ...

Grammar Quiz

A selection of revision Power Points that cover all of the grammar curriculum.

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