Thrive @ OPJS



At OPJS we follow the principles of Thrive as we believe the social and emotional development of children is the key to unlocking and supporting a child's potential. Follow the link below for this week's Thrive focus:

Term 3, Week 1 


Term 6, Week 5: Thrive-Actvities-OPJSweb-Term-6-Week-5.docx

Term 6, Week 3: Thrive-Actvities-OPJSweb-Term-6-Week-3.docx

Term 6, Week 2: Thrive-Actvities-OPJSweb-Term-6-Wk-2.docx

Term 6, Week 1. Thrive-Actvities-OPJSweb-Term-6-Week1.docx

Week 4  Thrive-Actvities-OPJSweb-Week-4-2.docx

Week 3  Thrive-Actvities-OPJS-Week-3-2.docx

Week 2  Thrive-Actvities-OPJS-Week-2.pdf

Week 1  Virtual-Thrive-Plans.docx

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