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As well as being an important curriculum skill, Computing is also a vital life skill in modern society. The development of Computing is rapidly changing both in homes and throughout the community. Its impact on the lives of individuals continues to grow and it is essential that our children can take advantage of its opportunities and understand its effects. Therefore, it is important that OPJS pupils gain the appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding to have the confidence and capability to use Computing throughout their lives.

At OPJS, pupils learn how to design, write and debug programs using repetition and sequence, they begin to understand computer networks including how search engines use algorithms to rank results and they use a variety of software and devices to create content and to analyse data. Our pupils understand the opportunities the internet offers for communication and collaborating, knowing how to use it safely and who can help with any concerns they have about content or contact.

Follow the link below to find helpful videos for suporting understanding of online issues, with sections for both adults and children. You will also find on this page a link enabling you to report instances of online abuse. 

Think U know

Social Media Age Restrictions


Do you know what age children need to be to access social media? Social-Media-Age-Restrictions.pdf

Many parents across the country don't know whether their children are old enough to be using social networks.

Shockingly, 1 in 5 parents think that there are no age requirements at all for social media.

Some sites can be a dangerous place for younger children, potentially exposing them to bullying, inappropriate content or grooming. But they can also provide important support networks for younger people.

For further information and advice visit  :

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