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At OPJS, we are dedicated to ensuring that all pupils, no matter their background, are equipped with the skills to enable them to be physically literate, as well as the knowledge and motivation necessary for them to embark upon a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport. Following the COVID-19 School Closures it is now more important than ever that children are supported in having positive and lifelong experiences of Physical Education. It is therefore our intention to provide children with additional physical interventions and mentoring opportunities to ensure all children’s wellbeing and health is at the forefront of their return to school life.


Physical Education and sport have a vital role to play in the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children. The ambitious and inclusive PE curriculum at OPJS aims to provide pupils with opportunities to develop self- confidence through an ability to manage themselves successfully in a variety of situations. Children develop their fundamental skills (agility, balance and co-ordination) from year to year and build upon previous learning in game specific contexts. Children take part in a wide range of sports and physical activities applying these fundamental skills on both an educational and competitive level. These are carried out in a safe and supportive environment, where effort and hard-work, as well as success, are celebrated, and enjoyment and working together is promoted. Leadership is valued and seen as a key area to succeed in life; therefore pupils are given opportunities to experience leadership or assume volunteer roles that support sport and physical activity within the school. Staff are provided with support and offered continued professional development in areas that they need to provide high quality PE provision. This academic year we will be utilising the School Sport Premium Funding to ensure those children who are identified as inactive or vulnerable are given targeted support to ensure that their return to school supports their mental and physical health after being away from our school setting due to COVID-19 School Closures.


Throughout each child’s journey through OPJS they will become physically literate individuals that are motivated to be involved in physical activity for life. The high-quality, inclusive curriculum offered to each child inspires and gives them the tools to remain healthy, play competitive sport and have good quality wellbeing. The subject of PE has incredible potential to motivate and inspire children and is hoped to be transformative to all pupils attending OPJS.

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Home Learning Resources:

January Active Challenge!

Youth Sport Trust - PE Home Learning


Wesport Virtual School Games:

We are pleased to be participating in the first ever Wesport Virtual School Games. This is a 5-week challenge culminating in a virtual celebration day on Tuesday 7th July, Wesport’s original Summer Games Multi-event day. You can engage to whatever level you like across the weeks- you do not have to enter all 5 weeks to take part. 

Check out the challenges and be sure to submit your score using the link below...

Week 1

We are challenging all pupils whether at home or at school at Speedbounce.

The challenge card is attached and is available alongside our video hosted by Simran Kaur (GB para athlete) and Austin (Young Leader from Ashton Park School). 

Speed Bounce Guidance

Week 2

We are challenging all pupils whether at home or at school at ‘Around the World’.

The challenge card is attached and is available alongside our video hosted by Elif (Young Leader from Ashton Park School) and Rachel Shaw (England International and Team Bath Superleague Netball Player).

Around the World Guidance

Week 3

This week we hope to see even more  pupils take part and challenge you all to 'Tuck In and Tuck Out' in 60 seconds!

The challenge card is attached and is available alongside our video hosted by Taika (Young Leader from Ashton Park School) and Amelie Morgan (GB National Team Gymnast based at The Academy of Gymnastics, Portishead.)

Gymnastics Tuck In Tuck Out Guidance

Week 4

We are challenging all pupils to the Tennis Tap Up Challenge!

The challenge card is attached and is available alongside our video hosted by Rufus (Young Leader from Ashton Park School), Louise Hunt (2x Wheelchair Tennis Paralympian with 13 singles titles and 41 doubles) and Samantha Murray-Sharan (Professional British Tennis Player winning 4x Single Titles and 21 Doubles Titles)!

Tennis Tap Up Guidance

Submit your score

Submit your Virtual Games score here...

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