Feeling Fab February

1 February 2021 - 28 February 2021

Hi everyone, 

As we know, OPJS will not be fully reopening until at least the 8th March.

Therefore, I have another PE themed challenge for you to complete following the success of our Active January Challenge. 

Let me introduce you to "Feel Fab February". A fun remedy for this cold & dreary winter lockdown!!

Attached is a tick list of 30 challenges that include physical, healthy eating, creative, social & wellbeing activities. These are suitable for all ages & can be adapted to suit individual circumstances. This resource and the January Challenge can still be found on the PE section of the school website.

The School Sport Partnership, who made the resource, have also produced some "Happy Beans" certificates that can be used to reward those of you who complete a certain number of challenges:

Bronze for achieving 6-10 goals

Silver for 11-20 goals

Gold for 21 +

At the end of February, let me know how you got on and see if you can go for Gold! If you could take some photos too that would be amazing! Send all entries to: joe.newman@oldfieldparkjuniorschool.com

Good luck,

Mr Newman

PE Lead


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