On November 1st 2016 OPJS became an academy as part of the Palladian Academy and, as such, became its own admission authority. The BaNES website for Admissions can be followed by clicking this link:

Bathnes Admissions

Children applying to join the school other than at the beginning of Year 3

There is a separate, ‘in-year’ application process for applications for places to join the school in Years 4 to 6. This process also applies for applications to join the school in Year 3 if the application is made outside of the main Year 3 application process.

Parents are advised that they should read through the School Admissions Arrangements for the relevant school year (see below).

Parents should apply to the school directly, according to the procedure outlined in the Admissions Arrangements and using the Application form for In-year applications (see below). Applications can be made at any time in the year.

Please find below a copy of the current BaNES Fair Access Protocol for your information.  It can also be accessed by clicking on this link:

Bathnes Fair Access Protocol

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