OPJS Book Exchange

19 May 2020

Afternoon all,

In line with some other schools in the city, and being conscious that it has been a while, we are opening the school playground on Thursday 21st May for a book exchange. You, along with your child, can bring back all school books you've finished (library books and colour banded reading books) and choose more books to take home. 

The timetable will be: 

- 9.30am-10.30am: Year 3

- 10.45am-11.45am: Year 4

- 1pm-2pm: Year 5

- 2pm-3pm: Year 6

The playground will have clear signs to show where to drop off returned books and a table set up for each year group of books to borrow.

If you arrive at a busy time, please remain off the school site until there is space for you to safely approach the table.

At each table you will find some hand sanitiser that must be used before selecting a new book to take home. When collecting new books please ensure you follow social distancing rules.

Finally, in line with current guidance and way of thinking, we would recommend that when you get home leave the books in a safe place for 72 hours by which time they will be able to be used.

Kind regards,
Mr Dave Goucher

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