Supermarket Vouchers

11 January 2021

Good afternoon all.

You should by now all have received, or will receive shortly, your Supermarket vouchers to your e-mail address as 'checked' late last week (I'm using Teachers2Parents to get this message to you as this is the quickest format and so I appreciate that this message will go to multiple addresses). 

I'm attaching instructions via the link below to help, although hope that the below will also be of some use:-

1. Activate your voucher by clicking the link in the communication I've sent you. 

2. Click 'tell me more' followed by 'I'm ready to claim'.

3.Select which supermarket you want to shop at. This step cannot be undone so you will get a warning asking 'are you sure?'

4. Select 'click for your voucher' to reveal the voucher for your chosen supermarket. This final screen (with barcode) is the screen you will need to pay for your shopping. You should treat this link like cash & keep it safe. 

Please note that if you have more than one child at the school, then you will have received a voucher for each child and they have to be redeemed separately. Please note that if your child attends school then it will be expected that you will provide lunch for them.

I'm hoping that this will prove to be straightforward for you all, but please do get in touch if you encounter any difficulties. 



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